Reshaping children's activities

Our mission is for children to develop healthy bodies & curious minds

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Our activities take your children on an invaluable journey. We balance collaborative and competitive play to produce the perfect environment for your children to learn, develop and build their self confidence. We take great pride in the activities that we deliver and we love hearing parents and children’s feedback!

Why Rising Stars?

A fresh approach to teaching

Our activity leaders’ teach children how to think, not what to think. This gives children the early foundation to become independent thinkers.

Tailor made programmes

We provide children with activity options so they can build their own experiences and gain confidence through making these decisions.

Diverse range of activities

Sport to Art to Drama to Music or our Specialist Activities including Skateboarding & Djing – children can find their talents with us.

A strong community spirit

Providing a local support network that is trusted and reliable through initiatives such as our young workers programme.

Updated social feeds of our activities

Live updates from our activities on secure platforms to our parents and children so everyone can share their experiences.

Trust & safety. Our top priority

To give you peace of mind, all of our activity leaders hold a DBS and go through regular training.


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