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All the important details you will need for your bookings at Rising Stars Activities…

To Know Before Camp

Before your child attends one of our camps, please make sure you go over the details listed on this page.

If you are unclear about anything or you need further clarification, please get in touch with our office by CLICKING HERE.

Booking Questionnaire

You will need to complete the Booking Questionnaire in our booking system prior to arrival at camp. To do this, simply login to your account, click the three dots next to your booking and follow the prompts. PLEASE NOTE: If you arrive at Camp without completing the Post Booking Questions then you will be required to do so via your mobile device prior to checking your child in to Camp.

PLEASE NOTE: If you arrive at Camp without completing the Post Booking Questions then you will be required to do so via your mobile device prior to checking your child in to Camp. Until these questions are completed, we will not be able to accept your child into the camp.

This information is crucial for our teams to ensure that your child has the very best care on our camps. It includes any medical information such as allergies that we need to know about, as well the best people to contact should we need to and those adults who are authorised to collect to ensure your child is kept safe. The Camp Management Team will also be available to discuss any additional points you feel we may need to know to ensure your child’s welfare during camp.

Each time you make a booking you will just need to check that the Post Booking Question information is still correct and complete the declarations section ahead of attending camp.

Medication at Camp

If your child(ren) require any medication to be administered whilst they are with us at camp, including use of inhalers and epipens as and when required, please ensure that you complete the medication section of the Post Booking Questions online ahead of arriving at Camp.

Our camp team will receive the medication and confirm the details are correct on our system as you check your child in to camp. Please can you ensure all medication is labeled with your child’s name and there is a recent image attached so they can be identified. There will be a ‘permission to administer medication’ form that parents will need to sign on the first day.

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

If your child has any behavioral patterns or special educational needs or disabilities that we should know about in advance, please speak to our office. They will discuss with you any adjustments or additional arrangements that are required to ensure your child(ren) are best cared for whilst enjoying our holiday camp.

You can email our office on info@risingstarsactivities.com or you can call if you would prefer on 0208 150 6655.

What to wear & bring to camp

We recommend that all children wear named, practical clothing. Suitable comfortable, closed-toe footwear such as training shoes are also recommended. Please refrain from any flip-flops, sandals, shoes with wheels or heels as they can create health and safety issues.

Please Do Not Bring...

Mobile phones, hand held computer games, iPads and water guns are not permitted at camp at any time. These items will be confiscated and remain with our staff members until the end of a camp day.

Check the Weather

We run our camps all year round so it is essential to consider the weather to ensure your child(ren) are fully prepared.

  • When hot and sunny – Sun cream, sun hat and water bottles are essential.
  • When cold and wet – Warm clothes, waterproof coat and water bottles are essential.

We try to get outside as much as possible all year round so appropriate clothing for this will ensure your child(ren) gets maximum enjoyment.

Lunch & Snacks

Please ensure you pack a lunch for your child(ren). We would like to encourage a healthy lunch that will give them the fuel for an active day, the only thing we don’t allow is nuts. There are additional food restrictions if your camp venue is the JW3 Centre. Children are only allowed cold, vegetarian packed lunches.

We have a mid-morning and mid-afternoon break for a snack so it is ideal to pack a couple of additional snacks for the day. Again please ensure these snacks are nut free.

Please ensure you include ice blocks in your child(ren)’s lunch box to keep their lunch as fresh as possible as we do not have refrigeration for lunches available onsite.

Tax-free childcare & childcare vouchers

All bookings for childcare vouchers will need to be completed through our website’s booking system. Once the booking is made through our website, your space will be held for 24 hours whilst we await proof of your childcare voucher payment, which you will need to do directly from your provider. You can find the details required below.

Please email confirmation to info@risingstarsactivities.com. Failure to do so within the 24-hour window may result in your booking being cancelled.




Archer Academy: 2697978




Archer Academy: 17016856
Finchley Cricket Club: 65023341

Fideleti Childcare Vouchers

Archer Academy: RIS041C
Finchley Cricket Club: RIS044C


Archer Academy: P21044155
Finchley Cricket Club: P21348318

Co-operative Flexible Benefits

Archer Academy: 85121649
Finchley Cricket Club: 85121649


Archer Academy: 0026953109
Finchley Cricket Club: 0026953109

Gemelli Employee Benefits

Archer Academy: R16691
Finchley Cricket Club: R16691

Enjoy Benefits

Archer Academy: 2741290
Finchley Cricket Club: 2741290

Tax Free Childcare

Archer Academy: N2 8GA
Finchley Cricket Club: N3 2TA

Bravo Benefits

Archer Academy: 2741290
Finchley Cricket Club: 2741414


We do our utmost to ensure that we comply with all relevant OFSTED standards and policies. We are outlining safeguarding here but each of our polices can be viewed here

Safeguarding Children Policy

Rising Stars Activities is committed to building a ‘culture of safety’ in which the children in our care are protected from abuse, harm and radicalisation. The Club will respond promptly and appropriately to all incidents or concerns regarding the safety of a child that may occur.

The Club’s child protection procedures comply with all relevant legislation and with guidance issued by the Barnet Safeguarding Children Partnership. Click the button below to view the entire policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected a bunch of questions we have had over the years and compiled them into this comprehensive FAQ.

If your question is not listed, please CLICK HERE to contact us

What payment options do you accept for the Holiday Camps?

We have a number of different payment options. You can either pay via credit/debit card (Visa/Mastercard/American Express), Childcare Vouchers or Tax-Free Childcare all through our booking system. Please note that you can also split payments between Childcare Vouchers and by a credit/debit card at the time of booking.

If you have already made your camp booking and want to add additional time for your child/ren at camp, you will need to email info@risingstarsactivities.com to let us know and we can amend your booking. You are also able to just turn up and make a payment at the main desk,, but if you are not booked in advance, there can be occasions that we won’t be able to accommodate your child/ren due to staffing ratios.

We have 2 snack times and 1 lunch break so 2 snacks and lunch should be included in your packed lunch
We have a strict no nut policy across all camps. We strongly advise against any fizzy drinks, sweets or chocolates to be packed into children’s bags. At the JW3 camp venue, only cold vegetarian food is permitted on site


If you book online, you will receive an onscreen booking confirmation as well as an email confirmation sent to the email address you provided when making your booking within 1 hour. You will also receive an email a few days before the camp with further details about what your child will need to bring to camp, drop off times etc.

Please make sure you check your confirmation and let us know right away if anything is incorrect. Responsibility for all booking details lies with the person who made the booking. If you do not receive your emailed confirmation, please check your junk folders before contacting us: sometimes they can appear in there.

You can view our full Booking Term’s & Conditions by clicking here, which explains our cancellation policy and any charges. Contact our friendly office on 0208 150 6655 who will be able to assist.

You are welcome to drop your children at the camp 15 minutes before your start time
Core Day collection is at 3:00pm and children will be ready to be signed out from 2:50pm. If you have booked an extended afternoon, then collection is between 3:00pm – 4:00pm.

Yes, you can collect your child early, just inform the office or venue manager so we can ensure your child is ready. However, if you want to collect your child after 2.30pm, you’d have to wait until the main collection at 2:50pm.

We understand that plans change and someone new may need to come and collect, this is fine, just update the authorised adults section of your child’s form at any time and ask the person collecting to bring some photo ID.

All of our venues have indoor spaces

Yes, you can log into your Rising Stars account and add the additional day/s that you would like to book. Spaces are limited so this will only be possible if there is capacity

We recommend that all children in Reception year bring a spare set of clothes including underwear. Please note that all children who attend camp MUST be toilet trained.

Yes, this will be displayed at drop off and collection so parents can check through for any lost belongings. Please speak to your venue manager regarding any lost belongings that can’t be located in the lost property.

The core camp day consists of 4 x 1 hour sessions with breaks in between. Session 1 followed by snack, session 2 followed by lunch, session 3 followed by snack and session 4 followed by collection (please see the example timetable)
Of course. We always try our best to get children to be grouped with friends. Please add the names of the children to your childrens form.
Our experienced staff members will endeavor to meet the needs of all the children in our care, but there may be occasions when a child doesn’t settle into the camp environment. In this rare occurrence, the camp manager will contact the parents to discuss the best course of action.
We strongly advise against children bringing their own toys to camp in case they go missing. Children who require their mobile phone to be brought to camp must inform their group leader and keep it in their lunch bag at all times. If they need to use their mobile phone, they must gain permission from their group leader and they will be supervised whilst using their mobile.
Yes, but for those with specific allergies, it is advised that children bring their own.
At our holiday camp, quality is at the heart of everything we do. We believe a day packed with high quailty and high energy activities is exactly what children need! Our camps are very active so we find it necessary to keep the camp 10am until 3pm to ensure everyone has enough energy to come back tomorrow!
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