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Educating children through sport

Why Rising Stars For School Clubs & PE Teaching?

The number of children meeting the NHS recommended amount of physical activity drops by 40% as they move through primary school.

To help tackle this issue, we offer curriculum support in Physical Education to help schools deliver Key Stage 1 & 2 to Primary school aged children. Based on your school’s requirements, our sports coaches are tasked with supporting schools all year round or for specific term’s across a variety of different sports and themes.

We also support schools outside of the curriculum by offering Pre School, Lunch Time and After School Sports Clubs.

Rising Stars schools have noted that through our sports coaching, children are performing better academically, have better attendance and all-round behavior has improved. The children have also commented that they feel happier and more confident when taking part in regular exercise.

Whether we are providing Physical Education curriculum teaching or extra -curricular sports clubs in your school, we will work closely with your school to ensure your values, ethos and standards are maintained.

To become a Rising Stars School, please send us all relevant information below.

Schools We Work With

Sports Clubs On Offer:

What our clients say...

Rising Stars is our most popular after school sports club at UCS Pre-Prep and the increase in physical activity and stamina has had a most positive effect on the children. They really look forward to each session and gain an immense amount from the specialist coaching on offer.

Zoe Dunn

UCS Pre-Prep Head Mistress

What goes on at Rising Stars...

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